Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What a day! Not only was Trinity Sunday celebrated this week with bright red raiment, there were multiple reasons to share in the joy and achievements of our church and members of its family. Firstly, it was the 106th anniversary of St Peter's Church in Auckland Park, deserving, we thought of a last visit by Bishop Brian Germond before his retirement.
 Then, as a complete surprise, the Ven Dr Vicentia Kgabe had asked, and arranged with Bishop Brian for the Bishop's Medal to be awarded to our own Vic Gaul, truly a well deserved acknowledgement of years of selfless, dedicated and tireless service to St Peter's, the Anglican Church and the local community. A very popular choice... for the first time in many of our memories, Vic was rendered speechless. 
 After a strong and inspiring sermon from Bishop Brian, the shared communion and the service over, the clergy processed out, asking the congregation to remain behind. The organ stopped...then the strains of the Soweto String Quartet blasted forth, upping the tempo as Vinnie, some of her fellow students and her mentoring Professor came smiling and dancing up the aisle. The third celebration had begun - of Vinnie's recent graduation with a PhD in Practical Theology from Pretoria University.
Her exuberance and joy was totally infectious!

We heard eloquent tributes from a class mate, Rev Dr Robert Munthali (top left) and Dr. Prof Maake Masango (top right). It was inspiring and awe-inspiring, to hear our pastor being described as brilliant, outstanding, elegant, intelligent - well, we knew all that, but in the context of PhD's and thesis...put a whole new light on her - and who knew she was the author of a book? Dr Masango also delivered important messages on being South African, and particularly men, in South Africa. Our churchwardens Jacqui and Nkokone and Vinnie responded and thanked our guests.
Then it was time for feasting and socialising. A magnificent celebration cake supplied by the Lalumbe family took centre stage, carefully arranged (above) by Lufuno and Posani's son Ronewa and daughter Madzanga, and little nephew Thuso. Delicious leek-and-potato and butternut soup, and Breyani prepared by excellent parish cooks, Cardiff&Carol, Cecelia and Volentia to further warm the innards after a wonderful heart-warming morning 
Last but not least, it was also Stephen's birthday - on top of all these festivities, he had a surprise party waiting for him at home!

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