Wednesday, December 10, 2014

World Aids Day at St. Peter's

We celebrate World Aids day on the 1st of December each year, and this year, we had a programme and talk prepared by Kene Esom, a Human Rights Lawyer and parishioner. The talk and discussion was to educate and cultivate an understanding as well as to lead into a time of discussion, understanding and insight.  

The talk brought up many questions in St. Peter's hall after the service on the 30th of November. The destigmatization of HIV/Aids was on the forefront and everyone, young and old walked away having learnt a lot. We should stand together as an enlightened, spiritual and non-judgmental community to prayer for those who are affected and infected with HIV/Aids throughout the month and the year ahead.   

Sunday School Sleepover

The Sunday School team has had their annual Sleep Over on Saturday afternoon, the 1st into Sunday morning the 2nd of November. The event was pen to all St Peters Children from the age of 6 years old and up. 

The adults who felt young at heart joined in on all the fun. Parents were invited and joined the sleepover to help the team with the programme and to ensure there is enough adult supervision.

The programme consisted of a range of activities, making their own pizzas, bio-dancing, having a camp fire and making smores, telling storries and a talent show where modeling, singing and dancing was on the table. In short we all had a very busy and fun evening.

we look forward to hosting everyone with the next sleep over. Thought there were only 15 kids who attended, the others were very sad that they couldn't make it and are very excited about the next one. 

In the spirit of fun a lot of songs were sung and everyone came together in the spirit of the song:
“The more we come together, the happier we’ll be”

Youth Gala Diner

The Youth Gala Diner was born from the willingness of the Young Disciples to give back. This idea came as they not only wanted to add to what St. Peters has, but also to help the church make a bigger and more influential impact in the surrounding community through out-reach.

The dinner was on the 24th of October and was 'A Night of the Stars'. On this night all the guest were treated like stars! The food, the music and decor were top class! The youth worked hard, and had a lot of fun with their guests making sure to deliver the best service at all times. From serving a great welcome drink, a three course meal with desert sponsored by Melville Spar it could only be described as 'a night to remember'. 

As the youth pledge DG, in the form of the funds raised from the event, they did it in style. The fun and entertainment went far beyond the live singers (Kuhle Mapipa, Mimi Williams and Thuli) and the incredible DJ, it was completed with the great comedy of Karmen Naidoo who had the audience in stitches. 

A big 'Thank You' to all who attended, donated and made the night a great success by their attendance and contribution. We look forward to hosting you again.