Thursday, February 25, 2010

Join in please (it's fun and easy)!

My apologies (if anyone's out there) for the long wait for a second post on this brand new blog! It emphasises the need for far more than just one contributor, and as we are all busy, the more the merrier. I hope to have representatives from every facet of St Peter's to help keep us all up to date with what's happening - Council members, lay ministers, youth group, music and whoever feels they have something to contribute. Obviously, access to a computer is necessary, but it is a simple process to add comments, all you need is a free Google account - go to to register one - click on the blue 'comments' tag at the bottom of the post, and have your say. To write your own posts, add photos etc, I need to invite you as a member, you get an email from Blogger, sign in, go to 'New Post' and off you go. If anyone is interested, please either add a comment to this post or speak to me, Cathy, at church.

Goodbye to dear Rodney....

A late, but heartfelt tribute to our dear Rodney Espley-Jones, who many of us fondly remember from his long years of enthusiastic membership of St Peter's. He passed away on Friday 12th February, willing and ready to go 'home' after suffering injuries in a tragic accident, but leaving his beloved wife Joan, who remains in our thoughts and prayers as she continues without his strong, familiar presence by her side. Rodney and Joan retired to St Michael's village, and continued their worship there as travel became more difficult, but I for one will never hear the hymn 'To God be the Glory' without thinking of Rodney in the front right row, head thrown back and arms raised high, leading another rousing chorus of 'Praise the Lord' as it ended - we can be sure that's what he will be doing now and into eternity - a great example to all!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indaba Day

Indaba Day at St Peter's yesterday saw lots of discussion, enthusiasm and some new ideas about how we are to go forward. One of which was to start a blog where we can easily share photos, news and information. So this is the first, tentative post. Hopefully it will grow into a lively communal space which our church community will visit often, and feel free to comment and contribute.
After listening to an inspiring talk by the Rev. Charles May of St George's Cathedral, we separated into different interest and service groups for discussion. Happily fresh new faces volunteered their services toward some key portfolios that keep our church functioning - but there is always room for many more!
After business... lunch! Bountifully and deliciously prepared by Carol and Cardiff and their team As well as providing the musical accompaniment for the day, Margie turned her talents to food...Munch munch munch - time for talking was suspended for a while
...and then the essential washing up duties - thanks to the cheerful youth group for clearing up!