Thursday, April 15, 2010

New servers

On Sunday 12 young volunteers (disciples?) were sworn in as servers, welcome additions to Vicentia's team of helpers needed to make each service run smoothly and calmly.

These are late to appear on the blog, but here are the children who were admitted into their first communion back in June last year...Megan Kaylan Engelbrecht, Lidian Plaatjies, Poloho Lee-James Mohlomi, Bophelo Lee-Thomas Mohlomi, Kabo Setogang, Kaone Kegakilwe, Megan Hartzenberg, Karabo Tserema, Ronewa Lalumbe and Shudu Mahode were happy to receive the candles that symbolised this important new stage of their life in the church.
So happy that some did a little dance down the aisle!
And rounded off with a celebratory piece of cake in the warm winter sunshine.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday

The service began with the Stations of the Cross (see the previous post), the congregation moving from station to station round the church garden as each stage of the journey was read out.
At the 13th Station, where Jesus' body is given to his mother, the big cross was carried from the garden into the church, where the final station, the Body in the tomb, was placed behind the altar. (this image insists on only appearing sideways)

The Stations of the Cross

1. Jesus is condemned
2. He lifts the cross
3. He falls for the first time
4. He meets his mother
5. Simon helps to carry the cross
6. Veronica wipes his forehead
7. He falls the second time
8. He admonishes the weeping women
9. Jesus falls for the third time
10. He is stripped of his garments11. ...and nailed to the Cross 12. Jesus dies12. His body is returned to his mother
14. Jesus' body is laid in the tomb (Blogger insists on turning this picture sideways)