Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scenes from Arts & Crafts Day

Our Arts & Crafts Day on Saturday was full of sunshine (with just a touch of thunder and rain for excitement) and plenty of smiles and laughter, eating and drinking, music and dancing, selling and buying - everything in fact to make it a memorable and successful event. We're looking forward to hearing the final total of takings for the day, and hope it gave our coffers a big shot in the arm!
The tea garden and essential boerewors braai around which much conversation and debate seemed to be taking place.
Artist Marvellous and his sales assistant
Charmel in a pretty pickle
Someone is happy to see Christmas on the way...
So much to see, which way to go..?
Alice, often to be found outside Fresh Earth in Emmarentia, with embroidered T-shirts, knitting, beadwork and her mom's beautifully made mielie dolls
Kgethi and her girls with delicious biscuits

The tea garden had a steady stream of visitors

Shopping, shopping, shopping

with a few quiet moments... come on the crowds!
Jacqui and Lorna's Diva's Boutique and book stall did a roaring trade
Caught in the act! Carol soothing her dry throat after doing a very professional announcing job on the microphone
The kids had a chance to fish for prizes, donated by Trudie's nice boss at Lumoss Mouldings

Jacaranda flowers decorated the creative craft tables

Cecelia and her family's beautiful jewelry stall There's that DJ again!

And the conversations continued....
I hope to have more photos to post over the next day or two!