Friday, June 22, 2012

Anglican Youth Day Conference

Reportback by Sinenhlanhla Shabangu:

The conference, held at Sparrow School in Sophiatown on June 16th, was made up of a Eucharist service, in which Bishop Brian Germond delivered a sermon, and the 2nd part was when all the young people representing the various Parishes of the Anglican Church in Johannesburg were divided into groups so as to list and discuss the characteristics they would want the next Bishop to possess.

Kuhle, Tsholo, Martin, Sine, Shandu, Ronewa and Sabelo at the conference in their new Young Disciples T-shirts!
 It was quite an eventful gathering, with vibrant praise and worship. It was the first time any of the disciples had been to a conference of its kind, so it was quite heartwarming to see other young people from different walks of life praise with such passion and conviction.
Kuhle, Martin, Tsholo, Shudu, Shandu, Ronewa and Sabelo in the car park afterwards
 Having a funny Bishop was definitely one of the most common qualities we all shared amongst the different groups, other qualities that were quite common were: Spiritual, caring, compassionate, approachable, wise and understanding. The general consensus was that the next Bishop be able to be bridge the gap that has proven to be evident between the young people and the older parishioners. 
Kuhle, Sine and Tsholo
There was also a goody bag with chocolates and assorted goodies that was provided just before the end of the conference.

It was memorable occasion and one we would love to attend again next year.

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