Friday, August 29, 2014

Women's Day Breakfast

Women's Day on the 9th August was celebrated at St Peter's by a magnificent gourmet breakfast prepared by Theo, Martin and their helpers.

After the delicious breakfast, a programme of events unfolded - a quiz on the historical significance of Women's Day devised by Kgethi; poetry written and professionally performed by Donna Smith; some poignant and relevant songs for the day from Mimi who then joined sister Jacque and her guitar in a beautiful rendition of a song that Jacque wrote during the Struggle years, and Theo did a wonderful sashaying version of Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman.
Donna preparing to deliver her poetry with musical background
Listening over coffee

In between all this, there were professional neck and back massages on offer, and a quick drawing lesson, where Cathy encouraged everyone to find their inner artist by drawing a 'Picasso's Dog' followed by a Portrait Party, where groups of three or four took turns to pose and draw each other for two minutes at a time. It was supposed to be an affirming, appreciative exercise but caused a bit of consternation and mirth... some definite signs of talent shone through though! 

Mimi by Brenda, Khumbu by Donna, Donna by Khumbu, Lorraine by Mimi, Rob by Babs,
Helene by Jacque, Lorraine by Refiloe, Cathedral by Edna, Mimi by Lorraine, Edna by Mercy
Mercy by Edna, Donna by Theo, Michael by Rob, Cathedral by Mercy, Jacque by Refiloe
Helen by Refiloe, Brenda by Mimi, Khumbu by Theo, Theo by Khumbu, Refiloe by Lorraine
Brenda by Lorraine, Babalwe by Rob, Refiloe by ?, Michael by Babalwe, Caleb by Barbara
Carol by Barbara, Lorraine by Brenda, Refiloe by Helene, Theo by Donna, Mercy by ?

A lot of fun, some moving and memorable moments, and fellowship was had by all, many thanks to those who worked hard to organise and make this special day happen.

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