Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update from Vinnie

The Edinburgh conference ended on Sunday the 6th, most of the outcomes can be read here at the Edinburgh 2010 website. Vicentia is now in London for the Young Anglican Leaders formation.
The delegates in Edinburgh shared accomodation with the South African Womens' Rugby Team - who on Saturday played a test match with the Scotland Womens' rugby team - SA won 28-8. As the team came into the dining hall where the delegates were having supper, the South Africans burst into applause, cheering and clapping - as Vinnie says, "all we were short of was a vuvuzela!" I'm sure the team was thrilled with the extra support!

Speaking of vuvuzelas, don't forget that next Sunday is Soccer Sunday at church - wear your favourite team's colours, bring flags and - um - would Margie like vuvuzelas as an accompaniment to the organ? A R10 donation is also requested, to go towards funds for the youth group.

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